Our team puts all its expertise at your disposal to assist you in choosing your banking relationships and financial investments.

We assist you and your family members in opening your bank accounts, obtaining credit cards, debit cards and financing.

Our perfect knowledge of the banking world allows us to select the banks that match your profile and your financial objectives in order to obtain the best services while reducing the risks related to banking institutions today.

In terms of financial investments, we help you to determine an adequate and balanced allocation between the different asset classes and to select the asset managers that correspond to the needs that you request.

Based on your expectations regarding performance, duration of investments, asset allocations, we conduct a "beauty contest" to help you select the best independent asset managers who will be able to offer you a management solution tailor-made asset.

Our objectivity and our independence from the banks, allows us to make you benefit from the best managers, from the best management, and this in full freedom and in your only interest.

After selecting independent managers based on your investment profile, we monitor their performance on a regular basis and meet with them periodically to analyze their market perceptions and to assess potential risks to your portfolio.

Following these meetings with the independent managers, we regularly report on the state of the markets and your portfolio and help you make the right decisions.

If you wish, we also offer the possibility of having a participative management (Advisor) of your portfolio and being a player in your own investments.

At the end of each quarter, we will be able to offer you a consolidated report of your various portfolios allowing you to avoid overinvestment in a particular sector or geographical area and to reduce risks.

Finally, in an estate approach, we suggest you subscribe to Luxembourg life insurance policies. These contracts benefit from the guarantee of the Luxembourg State on all the assets subscribed without limit of amount.

Our team remains at your disposal to offer you all of its banking and financial services or other, that you would like to obtain depending on your particular situation.