Travel planning

Our team, whose members have had the opportunity to travel the globe, works closely with several partners of excellent reputation who will answer all your requests.



Benefit from the experience of Jérôme who will help you organize your stay. He can advise you on atypical destinations:

A spa in Spa (the city of Spa less than an hour drive in Belgium is the cradle of the world's first spa), but also its famous water and its racing circuit.

A visit to the city of Trier (in Germany), ancient Roman city, less than half an hour from Luxembourg.

Visit the city of Maastricht (Netherlands) less than an hour and a half from Luxembourg. Cradle of the European Union bordered by its many artists and unusual places (hotel in a church, etc.).

Visit the cellars of champagne less than two hours from Luxembourg, where the first king of France, Clovis was baptized, and the monk Don Pérignon was able to evolve the formula of champagne. Let yourself be tempted by a getaway!

Thermal baths in Mondorf-les-Bains (less than 30 min)

Belgium Dinant (less than 1h30 min)

Maastricht (2 h)

Champagne (2 h)

Düsseldorf (2 h)

Bruxelles (2h)

The Baths in Baden-Baden (2h30 min)

Bruges (3h)

The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart (3h)

Europa Park (3h)


Benefit from new direct lines from Luxembourg Airport: Milan, Dublin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Warsaw, Stockholm, Geneva, Marrakech, Istanbul, Rome, London, Paris, Berlin, Düsseldorf.

Amsterdam (4h)

Castle in Normandy from one of our members (5h)

Lausanne (5h)

Castles of the Loire (5h)


Benefit from the experience of Jérôme who has toured the world for more than 20 years.

His previous clients are luxury hotels located on the islands, he can advise on places such as Bora Bora or St. Barth, through the island of Reunion, not to mention New Caledonia and New Zealand.


Bora Bora